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Hannah Nathanson - ELLE UK, Features Director

“Naomi is not only a highly organised, articulate and enthusiastic health and fitness PR but she practices what she preaches. It’s amazing how much work you can get done hanging upside down during a BODHI class or urban triathlon. Her knowledge and passion for the fitness world is unrivalled and she's always one step ahead of the game.”

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Amy Abrahams - Freelance Writer

"Working with Naomi is always a joy - she strikes the the perfect balance between keeping you informed and updated without ever being pushy or demanding. She is friendly and warm, and responds quickly and efficiently to any requests (whether that's for information, product detail or samples), and always considers what is most appropriate for your needs. She also helped arrange a GLAMOUR office trip to Boom Cycle, which proved an effective team-building opportunity as well as allowing for effective social media from both parties. Naomi's positivity, professionalism and relaxed attitude make her a go-to when looking for fitness content, and  I would recommend her to other colleagues without hesitation.”

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Jes Salter - Freelance Writer & Editor

“Naomi is my go to fitness guru, she’s always full of great feature ideas and knows the health and fitness industry inside out, from contacts all the way to the best classes to go to! Highly efficient, I know I can rely on Naomi when I’m on a tight deadline, she’s always happy to go above and beyond to make my job as a journalist easier.”