Established in 2011, Boom Cycle launched to set a precedent as the pioneers behind the boutique indoor cycling phenomenon; a trend that has changed the way consumers integrate fitness into their lifestyle.

Not just an indoor cycling studio, Boom Cycle engages riders mentally as well as physically through their unique experience. No numbers, no competition, just fun. With the lights low and a world-class sound system, riders are swept away and immersed into the ultimate ‘party on a bike’ experience. A programme designed by model and fitness extraordinaire, Hilary Rowland and entrepreneur Robert Rowland with a vision to empower and to be anything but exclusive; there’s no pretentiousness, just high fives all round. Their daily rides are led by expert motivators and have been adopted into the daily lifestyle of their Boom’ing community. Boom Cycle caters to all abilities but most importantly is here to encourage you, high five you, make you sweat, support you, entertain you, inspire you & BOOM YOU!

How has Boom Cycle got to a position where it has secured institutional growth capital and is on the cusp of having four sites? “PR has been a big driver for us, we’ve done very little in the way of marketing outside of PR