The UK's origional and finest Barre studio. 

The Barrecore Method’s unique high-intensity, low-impact, full body ‘intelligent exercise’ approach integrates the fat-burning format of interval training (exhausting each major muscle group) with static stretches to lengthen and lean out muscles. This combination effectively, efficiently and safely reshapes and tones the entire body, with results noticeable after just a few weeks.

Each Barrecore class is set to up-beat music and begins with a vigorous warm-up (often including small hand weights), ending with an indulgent stretch and relaxing Savasana. For those new to the barre, Barrecore offers an Introduction class focusing on the foundations of classic Barrecore moves, to enable a deeper understanding of the technique before clients progress to either the Signature Lite or Signature class. Barrecore offers a varied range of classes, to suit every level, including intermediate classes such as Sculpt and HIIT, and for the very experienced barre warrior – Signature Advanced.